Kali Linux 2017.1 Released

Kali Linux 2017.1 rolling release, which brings with it a bunch of exciting updates and features. As with all new releases, you have the common denominator of updated packages, an updated kernel that provides more and better hardware support, as well as a slew of updated tools – but this release has a few more surprises up its sleeve. More


kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso (144 downloads)
kali-linux-2017.1-i386.iso (146 downloads)
kali-linux-e17-2017.1-amd64.iso (102 downloads)
kali-linux-kde-2017.1-amd64.iso (123 downloads)
kali-linux-light-2017.1-amd64.iso (129 downloads)
kali-linux-light-2017.1-i386.iso (93 downloads)
kali-linux-lxde-2017.1-amd64.iso (132 downloads)
kali-linux-mate-2017.1-amd64.iso (119 downloads)
kali-linux-xfce-2017.1-amd64.iso (152 downloads)

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